Collect Your Own Collab Kits C.Y.O.C. Hotel Hell - Cat House

C.Y.O.C. Hotel Hell - Cat House

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These little trampy vampire hell cats are part of this Fall designers Collect Your Own Collab here at DeviantScrap! These hell cats will purr like a kitten to get you into their cat house, but you may never leave! All done in kind of a different era...if you look closely all their outfits and the buildings have scratches all over them! I mean! Look at those black nails! Also, has sort of a gothic feel. Not too creepy and not too nice either! This pack contains: 57 Elements in all - Seems like more because all the outfits are interchangeable and you can mix and match! So many options! 5- Hell Cat Faces 2- Pairs of feet/boots-legs 1 set of hands with long black nails 1- Spiked Collar or Mohawk 1- Diamond Choker 1- Pair of Cat Ears 5- Cat House Buildings 1- Triangle Roof Shape 1- Road Barricade 1- Post or Pole SIGNS- "Hotel" "Hell" "Open" "Cat House" 1- Arrow Sign 1- Red Hair Doo (all other hair doo's are attached) 1- Set of Bat Wings/Vampire 1- Vampires Black Dress Collar 6- Crowns (to match outfits) 1- Upper Woman's Body/Torso/Shoulders/Arms 16- Interchangeable Skirts/Tops/Bodice/Outfits 1- Black Cat (background not included sorry) Plus: 5- 8.5 x 11 JPG Printable Collage Sheets Happy Haunting! Enjoy! From all of us at Crowabout StudioB @