Collect Your Own Collab Kits Mister Whiskers's Funny Farm

Mister Whiskers's Funny Farm

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Mister Whisker's Funny Farm, part of the Funny Farm creative collab. set of kits made by designers at Mischief Circus.


115 elements and two papers.

Classic 1940s style farm pickup truck x 2.
Combine harvester x 3.
Pretty tractors x 2.
Small combine harvester.
Crop sprayer tractor.
Steampunk style crop sprayer aircraft.
Vintage rusty tractor and trailer.
Modern quad bike x 2.
Haybale trailer.
Old steam engine.
Horse box trailer x 3.

Alpine goats x 2.
"The Cow jumped over the moon" x 3.
Small pig x 4.
Turkey x 2.
Horse x 2.
Donkey x 2.
Zebra foal x 2.
Llama x 3.

Toon Unicorn x 3.
Toon dog and cat x 2.
Toon Mouse x 2.
Toon pumpkin.
Mythical Chimera beast.

Geese in flight x 2.
Muck fly.
Fox x 2.
Owl x 1.

1920s farmer clothes x 2.
1940s farmer clothes.
Modern farmer overalls x 2.

Farmyward nettles patch.
Toxic chemicals barrel x 2.
Blue barrels on a pallet.
Farmyward guard tower.
Rustic fence.
Classic red American farm barn.
New shed.
Rabbit hutch.
Grain tower x 2.
Water tower and pipe.
Farm produce table.
Hay patch.
Old wooden windmill.
Crate of apples.
Clump of grain/seed sacks.
Windpump tower x 2.
Corn-on-the-cob in baking dish.

Papers at 3600px x 2.
Semi-paper elements at 3600px x 2.
Rusty pickup truck to match a paper.

Sunflower x3.
Springtime bush.
Rustic water-tap and grasses.
Brown mushroom.
Strawberry patch.
Dancing flowers with faces x 3.

Farmer's shotgun x 4.
Tall green feed-bucket.
Rusty steel water-bucket.
Old steel plough x 3.
Farmyard wheelbarrows (various) x 5.
Back hoe.
Water pump.
Pitch fork.
Old oil lamp.

You may enjoy using this scrap kit with my Bees kit and my The Curious Greenhouse kit.

As with all my kits, a commercial-use licence is granted for PRINT only — and then only for individuals, charities, and sole traders. My full terms of use are available here.