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Dream Big - In My Dreams Papers

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I put down my dream book and closed my eyes, pulled up the old crochet blanket that my Grammie had made me, and snuggled in deep. It wasn't long before I was gliding down the path towards the ancient dreaming tree. I pulled the latch across, opened the creaky old wooden door, and stepped inside.... I had stepped onto a ground of silver and gold, and into an ocean of magical sea creatures, some with wings of gold. I ducked as glittering dragonflies hummed over my head, flitting this way and that. Gem encrusted shells lay on the ground and mystical seadragons swam free, playing in the cotton soft clouds. The hills reminded me of Grammies crochet quilt, fish with funny noses peered out from behind the twinkling rocks to admire the seahorses sparkling in the shimmery water, starfish were swishing gracefully on their golden threads of silk and a rainbow of fish floated beneath the glowing mushrooms....once again I drifted off into my dream world.