Collect Your Own Collab Kits Lobster and Co. Characters pack.

Lobster and Co. Characters pack.

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Sold By: Marta Van Eck
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" Sometimes I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap eight people at once. "

Lobster and Company is group   of  animorphs who are just waiting for you. Designed with love and passion to give you some funny elements for scrapbooking pages, art journals or just to look good in the next folder on your computer. I hope you can find some job for that wonderful company ;) Whatever you create with it it will sure be fabulous...well and if not-   then at least bizarre like the entire collection Altered Realities.

Or you can visit the forum and give this kit sense of existence by participating in a challenge.

This pack is filled with 15 animorphs ready to play. You can find hares, lobster, mouse, fox, mole and rest of the company in this pack. Yes..unfortunately no octupus in this set...although I use a quote about him. I thought the lobster did the job!

 See also wonderful art made by my creative artists.

This set is for PU or S4H use only.