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Joined: Apr 2010
August has been really busy, and the scrap related things I've had time to do, has been for the CTs I'm on. Hardly made that even.

And not looking better for September ... we've bought a house! Moving in about a month. Like I wasn't busy enough before LOL

Just wanted to say hi and that I miss being deviant :
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Joined: Apr 2010
Congrats on the new house Eva!!! I expect you'll be busy for the next 3-4 months at least with that! Exciting!!!

Be sure to have a quick look around - we have some new FABULOUS faces in the shoppe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll keep your place warm until you can get back!
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Joined: Apr 2010
Wow, that's a lot on your plate!  Like Patty Anne said - we'll mind a spot for you.  :
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