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FACEBOOK Privacy Account Settings...

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Facebook recently added a "Places" application, which, unless you mark otherwise

***will show the address and map location of where you logged in from - or the nearest hub!!!***

TO UNDO: go to "Account Settings", "Notifications", then scroll
...down to "Places" and uncheck the 2 boxes. Make sure to SAVE changes.
Be sure to do this for your children/teenagers as well.  

Since I have you looking, there are other ways to help insure your privacy on FB.

Click on >Account  >Privacy Settings
and click on what things that you want various groups to be able to see. I have most of mine set on "Friends Only".

At the bottom left of that  { >Account  >Privacy Settings } page,
you will see a bolded heading that says
Applications and Websites
Edit your settings for using applications, games and websites.
(just because you've added some privacy in your personal page, it is possible that through your friends or the applications/games that you use that this personal information still gets out there unless you also limit their access)

>click on that Applications & Websites header
(You will want to go through each one of the subheaders there)
The most important one here is
>Info accessible through your friends, Edit Settings
(I went through and unchecked all of these)

PLEASE insure your own & your kids safety!   I LOVE Facebook - but I hate when they just up and give out our information without any notification.

I hope this is helpful --- I can also help you to get rid of all the superfluous annoying notifications that you can get from your friends.  Do I really want to know every time a friend gets a jewel or needs her crops harvested or is some new mafia war???
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Thanks, I will check it!
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Thank you, Thank you!!! I don't find FB very intuitive to say the least...and pretty much the only reason I am on it is because of family. I don't communicate with them on FB, but have used it primarily to get photos which I would otherwise not have!!! My biggest concern has been about 'privacy' issues, especially since I am so clueless when it comes to FB. So Miss PattyAnne, I am so appreciative of your info sharing about the new 'places' app (now I'm more paranoid!!!) and how to change settings, which helps me feel more secure there. Again, thank you!
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Thanks for the heads up.

Another reason for me to quit Facebook.  I don't go there all that often (it just doesn't appeal to me) and it drives me crazy that every other month they change something which compromises my privacy.
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Thanks Patty Anne,

I only found out about this over the weekend too.  I've changed my settings.

I do love FB but they do make some silly decisions at times.  It would be better to give us the option to opt in rather than having to opt out, but I guess they see it differently.

Thank you for the info.


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OMG another one?? FB is really bugging me. I can't believe they do these things without warning. Thanks PA!
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