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How to add and link images to your post

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How to add and link images to your post.

Note: it's easiest to do this with two browser tabs open - one for the forum and one for the gallery.

1. Go to the Gallery and open a piece of art to its full size.
2. Right-click on the image and select "Copy Image Location."

3. Go back to the forum and in the comment box, click on the little mountain icon - paste location and hit "Insert Image."

4. Your image is now in your post.

5. If you want to link your image back to the gallery (so others can leave you some love), go back to the gallery and copy the url.

6. Then come back to your comment image and select the image by clicking on it.

7. Now click on the link icon and paste the url and click "create link."

That's it. Easy peasy.
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