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Facebook, by any other name...

Joined: Apr 2010
anyone else out there mis-type www.facebook.com when they're trying to hook up to Facebook?  It got me to thinking... how many different sites COULD exist if you just used one letter different...

www.faebook.com - for faeries and the wee folk
www.farcebook.com - for those with a great sense of humour
www.fadebook.com - for those who are losing their memory
www.factbook.com - for those amongst us who need to know all the facts

anyone else think of any?  :D
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Joined: Apr 2010
Those are great!  I think of Facebook as a bit of a Farcebook anyhow (I know, I know!! :))

I have on my bookmark bar, so no need to type it out, but as I was typing out this reply, I did type frackbook, make of it what you will :
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