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*FREE Art / Craft Supplies * Limited Time

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How to Get Art / Craft Supplies ( and lots of other goodies) FREE ( Totally LEGIT!)

Who doesn't like  FREE? Well for a limited time you can get some FREE art and craft supplies thanks to KMart and Shop Your Way ( SYW)

Ok first things first:

*I would  ask that people do NOT share this as there are so many craft/ art groups on FB that the stuff will vanish before you lot get your hands on it.

*I am not  'affiliated ' with this  in any way other than I need to get stuff free or as cheap as possible.  My only 'kickback' here is that you do too!

How It Works

Go join Shop Your Way Max ( SYW),  it is a rewards / points thing covering Sears, KMart and Lands End ( also a few others  - the list is available at the site)

You can join on a FREE 90 day Trial ( vets  get a free 180 trial) No 'give us your CC details' or anything like that. Gives you free 2 day shipping too! So no worries if there is not a store  near you they will deliver FREE. You can check that out sometimes there is a minimum trigger value but 100% of the stuff I get is free shipping.
Go here to sign up with SYW Max : http://hip2save.com/2013/02/02/sears-kmart-free-90-day-shop-your-way-max-trial-membership-free-shipping-more/

Here is how SYW works.

Every day / week whatever KMart and Sears do offers to SYW members. Everything from clothes, electrical good , shoes, food, household cleaning products, etc etc.

For a limited time (  I think it is till October 1st) they have  ( among other things) an offer on some crafting  / art supplies with FULL 100% cash points back on.  In this example  I will use the glue gun which is on sale for $18.99. You pay the $18.99 ( they take Paypal) and they give you BACK the full $18.99 in cash points that you can go spend on anything else you want or need in Kmart or Sears. Yes it really is as simple as that!

You get great stuff FREE
You get free two day shipping


Points generally do not roll. Let's say you bought the Glue Gun and you got your full $18.99 back in cash points. If you use those points hoping to get another $18.99 back in cash points on another Glue Gun  - then it wont give you them. Obviously you can buy another Glue if you wish - but  you wont get the same 100%  Cash Points back on that purchase (although I am hearing that some of them ARE rolling - yet to be verified EDIT*  I was correct points are NOT rolling ) You can obviously also use those points (from the Glue Gun  purchase) to buy anything else you like / need in either Sears or KMart .

You can accumulate  points  BUT you have a limited time to use them - it tells when they are going to expire, generally 7 -14 days or so but you can check that.
The Good STUFF!  Until OCT 1st Kmart are offering - spend $15 - $25 on art / craft supplies and they will give you back the FULL 100% of the price in Cash Back Points! Yes, they got lots of others on offer but this is the one I thought  might interest you the most

This deal covers some of these sections - I haven't got time to check each one - you can do that :p Just an idea of where to go


Here is a few examples ( there are LOTS of other goodies available!) of what you can get TODAY.

Stanley Bostitch Glueshott Dual Meltt High/Low Temperature Glue Gun price $18.99 - Get $18.99 back in cash points. Free 2 day shipping.

LYRA Aquabrush Duo Marker Price $29.99 - Get $25.00 back in Cash Points. Free two day shipping

Fiskars Softouch Scissors, 8in, 3-1/4in Cut, L/R Hand Price $19.49 - Get $19.49 back in cash points. Free 2 day shipping.

You can buy goodies MORE than $25 but the max they will give you back is $25 per sale. Also play around with it! It seems in this case  any combination of items with a combined purchase price of over $15 triggers the points making them all effectively FREE. For example I added Elmer's Swirl Glam Glitter Glue Brights 4 ct pens x 4 - total combined price $15.96 - Get $15.96 back in cash points.You do LOSE the free shipping on this though (cost$6.25)

f you spend between $15.00 and $25.00 on Select products ( in this offer) you will get 100% Back in points. The key here is to get as close to $25.00 as possible to maximize your savings. There are a few things to note that I will point out below.

1. Must Spend between $15.00 and $25.00 to trigger the points back
2. Points do not roll to another order (you must use your points on other items. If you use points to pay you will not earn points back)
3. You may make multiple orders as long as you are not using points to pay.
4. You must be a shop Your Way Member in order to get the points
5. Points will come once your order ships or you pick it up. The shipping is generally within an hour of the purchase
6. You can use these point IN STORE as well as online
7. Make sure you select the Shipping option if you want goodies delivered
8. This cash points ONLY applies to Sears and KMart product stock. It does not expand to dealers who use their stores as a marketplace

I wish I had the time to go through all of these offers and show you in detail  but with DSD looming  not possible! As always I am just providing the information, it is up to  YOU to make sure by CHECKING BEFORE YOU PURCHASE that the points are being applied  so that you get back what you  should. You will see the little box that tell you that when you add it to your cart  ( at the bottom)  PLUS on single items between $15 - $25 you will see a box on the right of you screen  which reads 'ELIGIBLE FOR SHOP YOUR WAY POINTS' as you shop.  If you click that it will tell you how many cash points that item gives you! Oh if you are doing a combined item purchase like I tested with Elmer's Swirl Glam Glitter Glue Brights 4 ct pens - then it will just show the base number of points in that box. You will see the overall points after you add them to your cart ;)

###EDIT### .. I am fairly sure that the max you can use this for  ( i.e. the most amount of cash back points you can collect)  is $100 . Still waiting for verification of that amount :)

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Awesome information right here.
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WOW!  Thank you for ALL of that GREAT info and sharing it with us at MC!  You totally researched that out!  THANK YOU!!!!
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Well I just thought it might be of interest to some peeps  - glad it was! Can't beat free right ;)

OH I know it's not 'art' but lots of COFFEE ( for us nite owls while we make art!)  and tea and water and all that good stuff ( yeah even CANDY)  also available on the same deal, You can find  all of that stuff  in this section :)
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We dont have a Kmart here sob sob sob.. or a Michaels... sob sob sob..

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that is darn good information to have! thank you and so happy to see you here a designer.
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