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Passing of a True Artist

Joined: Apr 2010
I learned this morning of the passing of a wonderful artist, Sal, who may have been known to you as either Ahdi Pocere or emerson.

Her talent was phenomenal, and her personal life a battlefield.  She passed away of the cancer that she had been fighting, far too soon.

As a reminder of her genius, here is a link to her gallery here:


I loved her work.  I hope she knew how much I admired her and her talent.  I am left with the regret of not saying goodbye, but then true art never dies - it lives on in the gallery of your heart.
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Sal was one of my best friends. I met her online about 10 years ago. We started chatting about scrapping and she opened my eyes to a whole new world. She was one of the most unique and brilliant people I have ever met. She saw the world in her own way and shared her visions. Sal was also the one who taught me how to take my art to the next level. She taught me about shadow and light and wouldn't hesitate to point out my mistakes. She was truly my muse. She is also the reason I open Mischief Circus. We would joke about things and how there was no place online to find "deviant" scrap supplies. We were tired of rainbows and ribbons and wanted earthier, grungier stuff. So we would talk about a new store and with her in mind, I opened this place.

Sal lived a very hard life. She had demons she was constantly wrestling with. She faced them down time and time again. Her journey was not easy. In the end, I am happy to say, she found love and happiness with her soul mate, Brendan. They were truly the perfect match. So while her journey here on Earth came to an end way too soon, due to her battle with cancer and a medical system that completely failed her, she had finally found peace and true love.

Sal's story and art will be her legacy. If you would like to see a full collection of her work, I have posted it https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.769850523151555&type=1in an album on our Facebook Group. You will need to be a member of our group in order to see it all. I encourage you all to take a look. Her work is so thoughtful and so well done. I promise all who visit will find inspiration.

I love you, Sal and may you rest in peace.

Designer - Holliewood Studio   
Owner - MischiefCircus.com
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Such wonderful tributes to  this amazing  woman!

I did not know  Sal as long as most of you but even from our brief friendship  I knew  how special she was. If we are lucky we get to meet people like her. If we are  truly lucky we get to have them in our lives and share friendship. I was truly lucky.

I miss you Sal. I miss our crazy phone chats and messages ( where you  would be bouncing off the wall with ideas)  I miss learning from you. I miss you sharing things with me and me with you. I miss how you would make me feel like it was OK  to be 'different', and screw the world if they didn't 'get us'; we had our own box and NO ONE but us had the right to define what that was ( if we even wanted to! HA! - unlabeled  boxes are so much more fun! )  I miss your mind, I miss your heart,  I miss YOU!

I have cried for your loss - NOW I will  smile because  you were my friend.

Shine on you crazy diamond  - you are a supernova!
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Joined: May 2012
I didn't know Sal but my heart goes out to you ladies.
I checked out FB and WOW!!!! amazing, talented woman.
Think of the colors she may paint the rainbows now!!
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