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My Altered Dollhouse!

Joined: May 2010
Hey everyone, I made a little room in my altered dollhouse for the collab.  I used a video from Terri at Artful Affirmations to make my room out of a shoebox.  Here is the link to the video in case you want to make one like mine...
(she made a fairy school but you can make anything using the basic room)

I ended up using several images from different designers which is the beauty of our collabs- They ALL go together sooooo well!  If you see an image you like and want to know which exact kit it came from, please let me know.

I started the way I always start, with a digital mockup of my room in the exact dimensions so I could just drag the images into a document for printing.

After I printed my collage sheet, I glued it onto some thin chipboard so they would stand up better.  Next I collaged the walls and ceiling with music sheet paper and scrapbook paper.  I wanted to have some light inside so I used a few christmas lights that I popped through the top of the box.  It looks really cool when it's lit up.  I started placing my pieces at varying depths and securing them with glue and foamcore.  I used a couple of real dimensional pieces too like my grandfather clock from my own childhood dollhouse to make it look more real.  Here are the finished pics.  I noticed that the window looked a little bare so I glued a strip of lace as a valance.

Credits to Holliewood Studios, Rucola Designs, Tumble Fish Studio, Xquizart, Itkupilli, and the girl is from my part of the collab.  

I hope you enjoy my piece and even try your hand at one of your own.  With all the images from the collab and the free addon with purchase, there is no end to the possibilities!!
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Joined: Mar 2012
Not sure how you have the time or patience to do this....but I just L O V E seeing your beautiful altered work! Tracey you are such a talented lady! Magnificent stuff! xx
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Arty Parrot
Joined: Aug 2011
Love this idea! Must have a go, thanks for sharing x
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I come from Poland. Live in Germany now...
Joined: May 2010
This is so cool! I love it.
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Joined: Oct 2014
This is AWESOME!!!
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