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It's About Time I Caught Up...and Merry Christmas!

Joined: Jul 2010
Hiya everyone!!!!  Hope this finds you all scampering around with full hearts and manageable schedules at this wonderful time of year!  
when last seen.(has it been since spring? OMG)..I was headed off on high adventure i.e. jeep travels with Bob (hubby) and Toby(doggie). We disconnected from all computers, social media , etc and off we went, unfettered, through Utah , Montana, Idaho and Wyoming!  Tried kayaking & white water rafting and did fierce battle with grizzlies! (OK so it wasn't exactly a battle...maybe more like photos...LOL)  You get the idea.
There was a detour home when Bob got a cancer diagnosis that required surgical treatment.  All went well with a good recovery and a very good prognosis....all things considered.... so off we went again to New Mexico.  whew...now I'm ready to 'nest' until spring!
At some point in the midst of it all I "lost" 2 EHDs with the last 1 1/2 years of all my kits and working files and recent commercial resources.  I mean literally lost...in my house somewhere.... (beet red face) I packed the up and put them someplace "safe" and don't have an effing clue where!!! Stopped looking and hoping to be surprised one of these days!
The upside is I have purchased some grand collections from amazing DS designers and am enjoying a romp through creativity!
So all is good. Life is blessed, and I wish all my old friends and new Joy and Health through the Christmas season and the New Year.  Hugz, Beth
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Joined: Apr 2011
Beth!!! Hello!
Been going through my own PC troubles, so I feel for you.
Happy things are working out with Bob's prognosis.
Joy and Health to you as well,
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Beth, so happy to have you back here with us again!! Many good wishes for you and Bob!
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Joined: Apr 2011
                                              Beth - what a wonderful treat to find your message in this forum! It sounds as if your year has been full of adventure in many ways! I've missed the CT gang and the fun and inspiration in being part of your CT.

As Queen Elizabeth in her  Christmas message in 1992 described that year as one she would not look back upon fondly as it had turned out to be an "Annus  Horribilis." For me as well, this entire year has been my own "annus horribilis". The year has sped by consumed with actually doing nothing! While not quite "nothing" other than beginning the year with a cold, diagnosis of my heart problems, waiting for a surgery date, hospital stays, open heart surgery, and then months of recovery. I can hardly wait to rip off the December 2013 calendar page and turn it to a bright and clean and healthy January 2014!

Best wishes to you and your husband as well as to many Deviant Scrap members who sent my their prayers, messages and support this past year. It meant a great deal to me and I thank you all.

Here's to 2014 and a grand new year!
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