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Joined: Jul 2013
Hi, I was wondering if anyone was posting any of their artwork on Instagram? I've been posting a few pages and have been tagging them #deviantscrap. I looked to see if any of the designers were tagging and I didn't notice any. I would like tagging the designers names also, for instance #xquizart. I occasionally get a question asking where I got the elements I used...like Xquizart! I hope this is ok to do...just another way I would like to showcase the talented artists here at Deviant Scrap!
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Joined: Jan 2011
I have posted a few things there. I think it's a fantastic way to network with others of like minded interests....it helps to also hashtag it with things like photoshop, adobe, digital art. I have found some amazing artists that inspire thru instagram. So I say just keep on posting and hash tagging.
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Joined: Jun 2014
I post my art on there-- though I just started digital scrap so I don't have much of that yet.  I will go make sure I used the #deviantscrap tag -- I think I may have just tagged them with the element artist name.

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