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Forum/Gallery Trouble Shooting


Our forum/gallery runs on software that is separate from our store.

You will need to register here as well if you would like to post in the forum or gallery. It can be the same log in information as the store or you can create a different log in.

If you were previously registered in our old forum/gallery, you can log in with those credentials. Some users find they may need to reset their password to meet our updated standards.

Our forum is intended for Mischief Circus customers. Any outside spamming will generate an automatic ban. Our forums are the discussion of all things digi and art.

Please take a minute to verify your account (under Your Account)  so you may enjoy all of the forum features. If you would like to add an avatar and/or signature to your account, you will find that option under "Control Panel" once you are logged in.


To upload an image to our gallery, created using Mischief Circus products (75% MC at least), your image will need to be 600x600 px 72 dpi.

You can find the upload button on the right hand upper corner of the main gallery page.

Simply follow the prompts that will walk you through the upload process.