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Letters From My Grandfather

eklektik 545 02-06-2013 7

I'm an avid genealogist and discovering family history can be like getting letters from the past... All designs from [url=http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=20545&cat=0&page=1]Love Letters[/url] by Off With the Fairies Designs at Deviantscrap.

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LarryJames 8 years ago
I love the nostalgic but not sentimental look of your page. My father wrote letters to his sister Lillian all during WWII. Aunt Lillian kept them all bundled up and packed them away. It wasn\'t until her death about 12 years ago that my cousin handed over these piles of letters to my mother. Talk about voices from the past. I still cry when I read some of them. He was just a boy (20) and yet felt compelled to do his duty at all costs.
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January 8 years ago
Wonderful page!!!
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huntstrong 8 years ago
A wonderful tribute to your family. I think the ancestry.com ads on TV here have helped push more folks to research their family trees. I know that Ed and I have spent a fair amount of time on our trees. Having photos of ancestors makes it more personal, too. Your layout is simply wonderful with the frames and letters.
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Name Deleted 8 years ago
what a beautiful heritage scrap. just lovely!
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joamosatcharterdotnet 8 years ago
Your family is lucky to have you...my cousin did the genealogy for my mothers fathers side of the family and it\'s like 8 inches thick...I\'m not kidding...that\'s a lot of work and research...but once someone doesn\'t it every one can enjoy it...
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jeneeo 8 years ago
What a fabulous page! That\'s awesome you have letters and those photos. I am currently researching my history and my husband\'s -I enjoy learning new things about my families.
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ArmyGrl 8 years ago
I utterly adore these kind of pages...they move my heart cause I know they are such a treasure.
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