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eklektik 325 10-02-2012 8

If one hasn't already noticed, I have a penchant for creating layouts/scenes with strong female themes (heroines as Beth would say!). The whole time I was working on this one, I kept thinking of Joan of Arc...oh! help me, please!!! But tis true...since even a young child (a tomboy!) I was aware that males seemed to be afforded certain priviledges/rights that were not accorded to women, even though women were equally as capable...SO! yeah! in the artistic world, I can be anyone or anything that my imagination can take me!! Rock On!!! Credits: All designs from [url=http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=20227&cat=&page=]Devil or Angel[/url] by Beth Rimmer at Deviantscrap.

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peppapig 8 years ago
Marie what an outstanding page you have created, Bravo!!!!
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ArmyGrl 8 years ago
Hell yeah! ROCK On! I love your strong, power females...mmm...but this time I think I am captivated by that chimera. I did a quick google search and found that chimeras are known for their eclectic abilities....how appropriate for you!
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January 8 years ago
Wonderful - but she cant slay him? Hes too cute!
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Ysabel Digital Art 8 years ago
awesome page!!!!
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Billa 8 years ago
... think you are a strong woman, what leads you doing pages like this ... she\'s great, prepared to pit herself against the dragon ... wonderful effects with the clouds!
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WaterRabbit 8 years ago
Beautifully strong, yet vulnerable. I love it.
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Fifi 8 years ago
It\'s a totally glorious portrait of your inner self, fight the good fight and moving on, never doubt it dear friend!
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LarryJames 8 years ago
Warrior Woman to infinity! Great layout!
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