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orachel 1210 05-15-2012 15

Ok, so this one I made for my amazing friend, Edeena. The meaning is two-fold... first, she's about the most generous friend in the universe, so seems like she's constantly doing something to tickle me, or make me extraordinarily happy. lol And second, because she tackles more in a day than most people do in a week, and from time to time it seems like all her responsibilities gang up on her at once. A lesser woman would be crushed, I'm telling ya. So I wanted to make her an oasis. rofl So there, Edeena... now you can 'go to your happy place' whenever the wankers of the universe get aggressive. lol Love ya, lady! Created with products by Altered Emporium at Deviant Scrap [url=http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=19174&cat=0&page=2] Daffodil Day[/url] [url=http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=19854&cat=0&page=1]OzPunk[/url] collab with Finecrafted Designs Doll I colorized from a template by Brandy Murray

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naughtsncrosses 9 years ago
ah, dear Rachel - this is PERFECT. Thank you - I treasure it and will think of it often (especially when the turkeys are trying to bring me down). :)\r\n\r\nMWAH!!!
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foxeysquirrel 9 years ago
Simply sensational and breathtaking I know she will treasure this!
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dianepsmith 9 years ago
What a good friend you are to make such a spectacular page for her.
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eklektik 9 years ago
Oh my, Rachel!!! What a stunning art doll - luv how you\'ve colorized her. Truly bold and beautiful \'Happy Place\' that you\'ve created for Edeena!!! Ditto everything you wrote - and Edeena is fortunate to call you friend!!! Tis heartwarming to see....
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Paisley 9 years ago
Love the page and the character
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justpattyanne 9 years ago
She SO captured me when I looked in the gallery - SO SO SO bright & happy indeed! Then I see that it is by you - FOR Edeena?!?! PERFECT!!! You\'ve described her attributes wonderfully and made just the most uplifting piece for her. I KNOW she will treasure it, I sure will. \r\n Happy Happy Joy Joy - Tra La La La Laaaaaaa!
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WaterRabbit 9 years ago
Beautiful - vibrant and wonderful!
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Name Deleted 9 years ago
I am in love with your art doll!
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bho 9 years ago
Congratulations, your layout is one of today\'s [url=http://gallerystandouts.com/fingerpointing/2012/finger-pointing-may-15th]Gallery Standouts[/url]. Well done!
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January 9 years ago
This is so bright and SWEET - love the background too!!!
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DALE 9 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! Wow! what a treasure this is! xx
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Name Deleted 9 years ago
What a treasure....this piece and our Edeena. I love the happy place you created here and your doll is splendid....lively, sweet and colorful, just like Edeena.
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RambleOn 9 years ago
Oh, my, she\'s gorgeous! Stunning page and congrats on the GSO!
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serenity 9 years ago
Rachel, my love, you said it. I had a comment from Edeena this morning and it made me feel all warm and loved. Heaven knows why because all the comments are said \'with love\' but yes, you said it perfectly in your text above. I love her too and I am very glad you created this for our dear friend. And of course, you really got it right - the sentiment is right here.....love you too.
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Billa 9 years ago
How wonderful you are, making that page for your precious friend ... I always feel the sun shining a little bit warmer getting a comment from her, so I totally understand your feelings ... no need to say that your page is perfectly delightful and done!
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