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Write your own Fairytales....

DALE 462 02-04-2013 4

"Once Upon A Time, there were a group of deviant designers who wished to take the citizens of Deviantville on a magical journey. They packed up their horse and carts, saddled a sassy donkey and took the path less traveled. They wandered through enchanted forests, paused at the cliffs watch the dragons soar and visited the quirky, yet friendly folks, at Castle Von Deviant. With each step of the way, the citizens collected souvenirs and took copious photos to mark and remember this splendid adventure. In the end, all rejoiced in taking part of this enchanted journey to places that mere mortals only dream of. " Everything from Mr Whiskers at Deviant Scrap http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=20593&cat=&page= .... except the figure which is from itKuPiLLi Imagenarium : Feminin also available at Deviant Scrap. Thank you so much for looking and your comments are really appreciated! xx

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mumure 8 years ago
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joamosatcharterdotnet 8 years ago
Love how you put this character with this scene...cute...
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foxeysquirrel 8 years ago
One of my recent favorites! I love the vivid color and incredible meticulous layout. Well done.
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Billa 8 years ago
Sorry ... I missed your gallery for rather a while ... but not only your\'s ... there has been so much to do besides me feeling a bad scrapper ... somewhere there\'s a thread where I expained a bit. But neglecting your pieces means denying oneself a lot of delight ... as e.g. this wonderful page!
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Date 02-04-2013
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