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eklektik 518 03-18-2013 10

Designs from Holliewood Studios' extraordinary new kit [URL="http://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/product.php?productid=20703&cat=&page="]Special Effects Vol. 1[/URL]. Figure created in Poser. A visualization of flying dreams....the feeling of being weightless...awesome!!!

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January 8 years ago
WOW!!!! This is so totally COOL!!! What a fun and wonderful picture youve created!!!!
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DALE 8 years ago
I can feel the whoooooosh as she goes flying by..... this is one dramatic and awesome layout! LOVE your background! xx
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Blues 8 years ago
It isn\'t easy to translate the feeling of flying, but you totally did it! I love the bright lights effects behind and around the figure, they open the space for her.
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Ysabel Digital Art 8 years ago
i love it!! awesome page!!
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mumure 8 years ago
This is STUNNING Marie!
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lmgdonahue 8 years ago
Ahhh Marie - this is fantastic. You can just feel the movement and the freedom in this piece!
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Name Deleted 8 years ago
I feel as if I am falling through space right along with her.
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joamosatcharterdotnet 8 years ago
[B]CONGRATS I HAVE SELECTED YOU FOR OUR MARCH GALLERY STANDOUT!!![/B] Please go to our forum and view your wonderful page (HERE http://www.mischiefcircus.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4971&page=4)---hugs
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Billa 8 years ago
As powerful as can be ... really really great how you let her fly through the magic world ... totally love it! Besides no wonder GSO, xo
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lad921 7 years ago
Wow, this is incredible...I\'ve been looking at your work, it\'s beautiful!
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