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Houdini in a bottle

Kazadoodle 369 10-11-2010 6

A fun little tribute to Harry Houdini, who passed on 31 October, 1926. RIP Harry. Dear Harry It's been over 80 years since you passed from this world into another. Even though the world knows how you did your tricks, we remain fascinated by them. However, I have to ask, will you escape this time, or did you get yourself into a bit of a pickle? Love An Everlasting Fan (It was fun, but lots of work, there are over 7 layers alone just to get the glass bottle to look clear, yet solid) Credits: Mostly from Tangie Baxter's and Rebecca McMeen's Steampunk Lab (such a fun kit!) Harry is by Sherrie JD from Midnight Mischief Harry's bottle is by Brandy Murry from Basic Bottles

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LauraPM 10 years ago
Karin, this is super! Glass is hard to get right when you put something in it especially, but you did a fabulous job here! I had forgotten Houdini passed away on Halloween, ty for the reminder! and for the Fab layout!
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jeneeo 10 years ago
OH this is fabulous!!
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Name Deleted 10 years ago
Karin, this is amazing! Your bottle collect looks awesome and you did a fantastic job on your Houdini bottle.
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terri d. 10 years ago
this is a marvelous tribute to Harry! Love the bottle collection and how everything shows up so well against the brick wall.
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sherrieJD 10 years ago
love houdini in the bottle. fantastic job on the glass!!
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ArmyGrl 10 years ago
Wonderful tribute...so when is part 2 coming out? Does Houdini make it out of this bottle (which looks fantastic!)?
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