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Lilith's Year Abroad... starring eklektik marie's 'Lilith",Ok

orachel 5 03-31-2012 9

so one of my bestest buddies

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Rabbit 9 years ago
Oh this is such a treasure cave & so beautifully composed.
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foxeysquirrel 9 years ago
This is just superb!!! Marie has so much talent and can just do anything! I think you both are amazing talents.
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January 9 years ago
Oh that little doll IS a little doll!!! And its a grand setting youve provided for her!
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Scrappie Irene 9 years ago
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CryztalRain 9 years ago
Love it Rach.. and its good to see you in here.. we must come in here at different times .. hope youre doing well.. hugs
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Fidgetrainbowtree 9 years ago
Definitely feels like an Autumnal Paris to me :) Such a wonderful combination of painting and 3D techniques.
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Fifi 9 years ago
Wel obviously I don\'t check the gallery all the time but hey, finally here and delighted to see this wonderful, delightful page for Marie! I\'m going with Marie, francophile that I am, there\'s just a certain "je ne said quoi" and work here...and I love it!
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DALE 9 years ago
No matter where....it is awesome!!! xx
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serenity 9 years ago
I could have sworn that I posted on this but maybe it was at the \'other\' site.....I love love of course that little doll and would also give some of my eye teeth for it......love what you created with her, the page transports you into a world that I tend to dream of. Will this little doll be available in a kit ? Anyway, it\'s kissable and maybe the location is an old village in S. Germany, lol.
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