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Queen Edeena!!!

orachel 456 11-24-2011 7

I hereby declare that today, 25th of November in the Year of Our Lord two thousand and eleven... Edeena shall be... QUEEN FOR A DAY! We love you, Miss Edeena!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope its ALL about you, today!! xoxo 'Queen' image is from Face In Hole dot com, where you can find all sorts of cool images that you can put your face into. That's a whole load of free fun! Miss you all! Hope everyone is well and fine!

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justpattyanne 10 years ago
This is so good it\'s freaky! OMG Rachel, it\'s awesome!!!\r\n\r\nMerriest of Merry Birthdays Queen Edeena! I bow to thee, I, the goo under your shoe.
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RambleOn 10 years ago
Funny stuff, the goo under the shoe, ha!...Happiest birthday to you Edeena :
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anubis1 10 years ago
Oooh Fabulouso Rachel. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Lady Edeena.............
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Clementine 10 years ago
Oh my goodness. I bow to thee oh queen Edeena. Please find favor with me and if it be in thy heart .... can i have the last piece of cranberry crumpets?
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eklektik 10 years ago
Happy, Happy Birthday, Edeena!!!! \r\nFor all that you do for us, Edeena, you are Queen everyday!!\r\nWhat an absolute treat to see our ORachel here again! Best gift ever!!!
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ArmyGrl 10 years ago
Yep, I ditto what eklektik said! I hope this means we\'ll see more of your creations. And I sure do hope you are feeling well.
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Fifi 9 years ago
Yes indeed, a queen of queens to all us digi admirers, of you and Edeena, and done in a royal fashion too!
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