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Tinkerbell - Emerald

MissB 983 08-16-2011 8

[center]Here is another piece I did for Emerald. Her favorite person is Tinkerbell and I wanted to create something really special with a "Pixie Hollow" feel to it. I was rewarded when her mom wrote to me and told me that she the piece to her daughter as she was putting her to bed and she said, "HOW DID SHE SHRINK ME?" Ha! I'm really happy with this one. There are over 500 layers, LOTS of painting ... hair, skin, dress ... even shoes! I used 2 primary pics for this piece. Here are the originals: [img]http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm317/impurfektion/th_1abChicLilLovebugs_PinkCorset_0063-fromChelsea.jpg[/img] [img]http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm317/impurfektion/th_1abDSC_0884-FromChelsea.jpg[/img] Credits: (Every kit I own. Ha!! Just kidding. Maybe. heh) [u][b]Cryztal Rain[/b][/u] Pixie's Playground Bokeh Lightz (Brush Pack) [u][b]Lorie Davison[/b][/u] Artist Faeries Before the First Snow Bunnies, Bees and the Bird's Big Balloon Greymouse Manor [u][b]Eena's Creations[/b][/u] Fantasies of an Artist [u][b]Holliewood Studios[/b][/u] Auntie Em Enchanted Spring Fairies The Lake [u][b]Studio EmKa[/b][/u] Sunny Meadow [u][b]Joelle's Designs[/b][/u] Fairy Flight III [u][b]Kandi Designs[/b][/u] Dreams in the Moonlight Sunny Bunnies Fairy Forest [u][b]DownUnder Studios[/b][/u] A Touch of Fantasy Font: TinkerBell PhotoShop CS5 Time: Approximately 50 hours Layer: 500 + File Size: 1.68 GB Sleep: None Thank you so much for looking! =)[/center]

Comments (8)

Scrappie Irene 10 years ago
Oh my, oh my! Amazing piece of art!
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DogArtist 10 years ago
Toatalllly excellent here! I love that you showed us the pre-photos! And this turned out exquisitely!!!! (love the sleep=none too...lol) :
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Carinspixels 10 years ago
so amazing, wonderful artwork
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Balinda 10 years ago
mad skillz does not even say how fantastic this is!
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foxeysquirrel 10 years ago
OMG, how totally sweet and breathtakingly beautiful.
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CryztalRain 10 years ago
wow Miss.. this is just stunning.. Your talent is limitless..
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amelia 10 years ago
Woooow this is so amazing, im new to here and im just blown away with your layouts, this is just so beautiful and so magical, i hope i can be this good one day, xxx
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FionaM 10 years ago
Love this Miss B. Do you remember which kit that tree came from. Simply must have that tree!
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