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Heart of We...For Patty Anne

orachel 611 04-30-2011 4

I've been trying to play around with digital whimsy dolls lately (using Tam's work at willowing for inspiration). I have no natural ability to sketch or draw at all, so doing it digitally is a little easier. I made this one for a wonderful friend, Patty Anne, who has emotionally saved my bacon more times than I can count. She's just always there with just the right thing to make you feel better, and supported, and loved, and that is a fine fine thing indeed. So anyway, I wanted to make her something that showed her even though I can't do much digital drawing yet, she's such an incredible blessing in my life. I used Edeena Cross's Art Doll 2 Template freebie (with the April Deviant Muse in the shoppe!) for the torso and tail shape. Used Evelyn/Finecrafted Designs water from Your Inner Voice, some water droplets from kimla, watercolor brushes by Ron Deviney, and a style by Thaty Borges, and the scales started out with a free style called 'gone fishing' which is significantly altered. Rest i kind of cobbled together using shapes I made in photoshop.

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justpattyanne 10 years ago
*sniffling all over again*\r\nOh Rachel, this is just so very wonderful and light and happy and uplifting! It radiates you! It is beautiful beyond my words and I will treasure it ALWAYS! Love you gobs!
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Fifi 10 years ago
You are the best "cobbler" Miss Rachel, and how wonderful that your whimsical mermaid bears such a stiking magical resemblance to the real thing! The eyes are perfect and I just love the backround and the ParryAnne halo!
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eklektik 10 years ago
I\'m with Fifi!! Luv your \'cobbling\'!!! You have the most incredible talent for \'cobbling\'!!! Your dolls face is gorgeous, and I luv how you did her hair! Your fabulous detail work => awesomeness!! Precious card and gift for our most beloved, Patty Anne...
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Name Deleted 10 years ago
Rachel, she is magical!!! What an amazing gift, for an amazing lady. I am in awe, lady!!!!
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