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Kazadoodle 603 10-05-2010 13

Just having some fun. The models really are getting ridiculously thin :) Credits: Boots by Holliewood Studios, Art Dollies Pumpkin by Holliewood Studios Feather headdress by Studio Gypsy, Box Society 1 - Roxy Background by Finecrafted Designs, Good Evening Word layout design by Brandy Murray, Interactive Text Skeletons are mine. Fonts used are Liza Std, Liza Display Pro, Angelus and Deutschische

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finecraft 10 years ago
Bwhahahaha!! This is totally, wonderfully awesome!!! What a wildly creative piece!!
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kathitownz 10 years ago
Oh, this is just HYSTERICAL...and totally brilliant!!! How on earth did you EVER think of it??? Simply wonderful, delightful!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!
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Fifi 10 years ago
I really think Halloween brings out the "best" in us, this is outrageously fine, just lovin\' those boots and feathers to death!
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pankerbelle 10 years ago
LOVE the boots, who doesnt love a good pair of boots !!
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RedScott 10 years ago
This is SO clever! I\'m digging it! :>
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maghenrey 10 years ago
How glamourous do those skeletons look - totally wonderful page
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naughtsncrosses 10 years ago
I just love it, Karin! Love the concept (and you\'re right - those models must squabble over a chip like seagulls at the beach!) and LOVE how you\'ve executed it!! :
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mumure 10 years ago
Bwhahahaha!BRILLIANT page!
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swathe 10 years ago
this page does make one have a bit of a giggle.. doesnt it??.... Just love it to bits.. well done
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madi 10 years ago
i think i recognize some of these modells! love it!
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Delia 10 years ago
LOL!\r\nThis is hilarious, love the dressed up skellies. \r\nYes, that´s what happens if a model loses weight...
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Name Deleted 10 years ago
You witty woman! Social commentary ( I agree) and Halloween fun, all rolled up into a very clever page. Love it!
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Ella 10 years ago
oh they really are thin! fantastic page
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