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Rise from the ashes

Mister_Whiskers 916 12-19-2011 8

Entry for the Deviant Scrap Transformation Deck, December 2011. Dice from Eena's Creations' Circus Adventures, at Deviant Scrap. Trapeze man fron Eena's Creations' Circus Adventures, at Deviant Scrap. Background from Mister Whiskers' Alice Theater kit, at Deviant Scrap. CC textures by Vidalia 11. Vintage moon map from the public domain.

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foxeysquirrel 10 years ago
Wow! Great page!!!
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Mister_Whiskers 10 years ago
Two extra credits I forgot...\r\n\r\nSpider from Eena\'s Creations\' Circus Adventures, at Deviant Scrap.\r\n\r\nEggs of extinct birds, from the public domain.
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Mister_Whiskers 10 years ago
Actually - Spider is from Marta Van Ecks\'s Master of Puppets, at Deviant Scrap.
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eklektik 10 years ago
Wonderful concept and attention to detail - your arrangement of the embellies in the box and how you shadowed them gives such a real life dimensional quality! Truly like how you used the spider!! Quite inspirational!!
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joamosatcharterdotnet 10 years ago
mY EYes are just poppin out---the composition is so mysterious and yet so well defined--i know that sounds crazy but I am just so in love with your thought process with this piece--the spider is so captivating...
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RambleOn 10 years ago
This is so very interesting, captivating...love the spider and the dimnsions. So great to look at :
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January 10 years ago
This is great - I love things that are sort of esoteric in meaning - makes a person really think about them!
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Name Deleted 10 years ago
this rocks, david!!!
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