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7 Sins Challenge - Envy

Hollie 749 08-19-2010 8

This is my piece for the 7 Sins Challenge @ DeviantScrap Everything from Crowabout StudioB @ DeviantScrap Oddly Odds and Ends Boards and Bits Funky People Parts Grassy Hill Wild Things Journaling reads: I don’t think of myself as an envious person but I guess there are things we all wish we had. Sure it would be great if there was extra money in the bank but we get by and I feel blessed at that. Am I envious of skinny girls? Kind of. But I am not envious of the ones that starve themselves and worry about every ounce they gain. I am envious of people with high metabolisms that can eat what ever they want. How great would that be?!?! But I would probably end up with heart disease from eating too much bad stuff. So maybe its a blessing that I don’t have a high metabolism after all. I am envious of people with gorgeous gardens but I suppose if we didnt have a water restriction and I had nothing but time I could have one too. I can appreciate the beauty of others. I am envious of people who have spotless homes. I dream of it somedays but if my house wasn’t wreaked then it would mean that Jason, Nick and the dogs weren’t living here. That is a trade I am not willing to make. I am envious of people that seem to be able to balance career, motherhood and wife. But I am comforted in knowing they are probably more rare than us average janes struggling daily. So at the end of the day, I guess I am a bit envious but the reality is I am blessed and at peace with who I am and where I am in life.

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nettasaura 10 years ago
I loved reading this Hollie. So much of it rings true for a lot of us out here. I love your altered woman too!
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fairydust 10 years ago
this is.....absolutely beautiful!!!!\r\nwhat great journaling & i really appreciate your "truth" as i try to feel the same about life. \r\ni try not to compare & focus on the blessings & not the deficits.\r\nreally.....i just love this!!!!\r\n:clap:
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naughtsncrosses 10 years ago
Ah, this is superb, Hollie. Sometimes there\'s nothing like a dose of envy to help you realise what you DO have and the blessings they bring. An absolutely gorgeous and visually delightful page!!!
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LauraPM 10 years ago
I love the honesty and thoughtfulness of this. Plus it looks really great too! LOL!
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NBCrowabout 10 years ago
Wow! This is awesome! I\'m not fat I\'m fluffy! I am! hee hee
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jeneeo 10 years ago
Fabulous journaling!! Love the font you used, wonderfully done!
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Carinspixels 10 years ago
great journaling and awesome page in general, your page has been submitted to the DSA 2010 awards at scrappersonline
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justpattyanne 4 years ago
Your stream of consciousness rambling through a day in your life is so amazingly honest and heartful and uplifting leaving me so thoughtful in my own life. Supreme.
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