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joray 561 06-01-2011 7

Beth, I loved your design, along with the words in the boxes of the altered book. The minute I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it. I made this for a gift for my brother . Both of our parents are gone now and we miss them very much. This was such a fun project! Thanks for the tutorial!

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jeneeo 10 years ago
OH!!! This turned out fabulous!! Your drawers turned out great!!! I enjoyed Beth\'s tutorial too. \r\nThanks for sharing your book!!
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Karen_Johnson 10 years ago
Oh Joray, you did it!!!???\r\nThis is stunning!\r\nHave you given it to your brother yet? What a WONDERFUL gift! I bet he will be moved beyond words!\r\nThis is just FABUOLOUS!\r\nKx
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bethr 10 years ago
Oh I am so thrilled to see this beautiful treasure You have created! Let me know what your brother thinks of it...I do think it maks a great guy gift, They really hate ties! LOL . Thanks so much for sharing this !
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joray 10 years ago
Nope, I haven\'t given it to him yet. I posted it on my blog, so he will probably see it. He won\'t get it until October, but I left NO hint on my blog it was his, I want it to be a surprise. :
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Angel Jet 10 years ago
This is FANTASTIC!!!! What a great and touching gift to your brother.
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Balinda 10 years ago
that\'s sorta evil of you to let him see it and him not even know he is getting it but that\'s totally something I would do...hehehehe! it\'s fabulous!
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eklektik 10 years ago
Beautiful work! Luv all the vintage paper layers and your photos...very nice matchbox drawers on the side!! Am sure your brother will really enjoy your creating this for him!! Oooh, I luv how you treated the page edges too!!! Awesome work!!
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