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Miles Beyond the Moon ~ Margaret Ann's Grand Adventure

Miles Beyond the Moon ~ Margaret Ann's Grand Adventure

Miles Beyond the Moon ~ Margaret Ann's Grand Adventure
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Maybe you know Margaret Ann or someone just like her...

Margaret Ann leads a pretty ordinary life. Most days she commutes to her job in the city where she crunches numbers and pushes papers. Everyone tells her she is doing an important job, it just doesn’t seem that way to her. What is most important to Margaret Ann are her dreams. She dreams of travel and adventure. She escapes to the Natural History Museum on her lunch hour and imagines herself not in the city, but instead journeying through some far off land. Perhaps she is an archaeologist working in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, or a botanist on a journey of discovery up the Amazon River. Maybe she is just relaxing on a beach somewhere with a cool drink near to hand. A girl can dream, can’t she?

One afternoon Margaret Ann’s boss calls her into his office for a “talk”. It seems Margaret Ann’s important job is not so important any more. Her job is being phased out. Margaret Ann will be given a nice severance package that should allow her time to find another job doing the same kind of work she’s been doing all these years. She is so well qualified, you know.

But a new job is not what Margaret Ann wants. She wants travel and adventure. She wants the life she dreams about. If she doesn’t take the opportunity now, will she ever have another chance? So Margaret Ann decides to follow her dreams and heads off on a Grand Adventure. Her first stop … someplace tropical. Paradise is calling.

Come along with Margaret Ann on her Grand Adventure and imagine some dreams of your own. This digital art kit has over 70 element and 10 art papers. I hope you enjoy!

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